About Our Institute

ISF Qur’an Institute

Founded by the Islamic Services Foundation and backed by Brighter Horizon Academy which has over 30 years of experience in educating young children at all levels, IQI is committed to the teaching of the Quran in a unique approach that focusses on understanding the meaning of the Quran as well as memorizing, reciting and proper reading.

Mission: Teaching the Holy Quran: Reading, Recitation, Memorization, and Understanding

Vision: Graduate generations of young Muslims that are able to carry the message of Islam to all humanity through reading, recitation, memorization, and understanding of the meanings of the Holy Quran

Our IQI Committee

Br. Ammar Qashshu (Chairman)
Br. Hasan Zuaiter
Dr. Nahla Hosny
Sr. Hanadi Hendi
Sr. Afrah Jilani
Dr. Tariq Alsmadi

Staff / Teachers

Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh
Lubna Allam
Walaa Shehata (assistant teacher)
Rawda Badran (assistant teacher)
Hoda Elsayed
Rima Damrah
Nouhad Sahyouni
Ahmed Elhewazy
Adam Aly – Admin

Our Salaam
Staff / Teachers

Hoda Elsayed – Principal
Jehan Valiani – Admin
Hanan El- Fayoumy – Teacher
Zaid Hadi – Teacher
Liloze Saadoon – Teacher
Adam Munshi – Teacher
Nura Saadoon – Teacher
Yusuf Khan – Teacher

Meet Our Teachers

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