Our Enrollment Process

  1. Apply for Admission.
  2. Schedule an evaluation with an instructor. You will be required to perform a recitation. students will be offered admission based on their fluency and accuracy of Tajweed Rules and pronunciation. Please note that applicants must pass the oral evaluation test with at least a 70%.
  3. Upon approval for admission, you will be asked to set up the program payment and will be assigned a teacher.
  4. Please complete the below forms along with your payment.

Payment and Fees Notice

Parents or guardians agree and understand that a 30-day written notice of withdrawal must be submitted before the first date or of the program that parents, or guardians wish to withdraw the child from the program.

Notice should be turned in by email to iqi@islamicservices.org If notice is received 30 days prior to official withdrawal date, auto payment will stop after 30 days of notice. If no notice is received, auto payment will continue till the end of the registration period.